"The best pad for the best product."

Marino is the co-founder of the company Elastic Interface, a European company that produces the pads that are used by the best customized apparel brands. This is why TACTIC uses their products for their own customizable clothing.

"Elastic Interface’s mission is to improve performance for all cyclists by engineering and creating high-quality cycling pads that increase comfort at all the points of contact with the bicycle."


Co-founder of Elastic Inferface


Seamless pad that provides excellent comfort and helps to improve performance. Thanks to its light weight, elasticity and anatomical form, this pad is the ideal choice. It guarantees sufficient ventilation while minimizing friction.


This pad has an incredibly anatomical fit which guarantees great freedom of movement. The central panel in the perineal area has been designed with reinforced sections using two foams with different densities. They are three-dimensionally shaped in order to reduce friction and possible areas where chafing might occur.


This pad has a special structure and EIT Carbonium fabric with bacteriostatic properties. It reduces friction and prevents static electricity. Four densities and a tri-dimensional shape with multiple thicknesses assure better distribution of weight and pressure on the seat. There is a panel in the perineal area and high-density foam on both sides.


This pad has been designed and created especially for a woman’s body, and it guarantees excellent comfort and optimum performance. Also, it has a porous exterior that allows for the correct breathability and quick-drying action.


Pad made of soft and bacteriostatic microfibre using carbon threads’ technology. The Space has an innovative structure featuring a multidirectional curvature that delivers prefect fit and great stability in saddle. The special ultra-high density perineal insert for instance (pelvic track), supplies proper ischiatic support that comes in handy to those riders that take on a more right up position in saddle.

A specific study on how genitals move during cycling, inspired the development of a special “encased” shaping in the top part of the chamois which allows for improved fit and greater privacy.


The fabric has a silicone interior which allows for a great hold with the least amount of pressure. It’s seamless to increase comfort, reduce friction and aid in good blood circulation in the legs. It feels like a “second skin”.


Ergonomically designed, the high-compression structure was made so that the lumbar area is lower and wider which allows it to better adapt to the female cyclist’s abdominal area, thus making breathing easier. Textured micro-fiber straps that are very elastic but still recover well and a thermo-perforated central panel which provides ventilation in the area where the most sweat accumulates (the center of the back along the spine). The extremely smooth straps avoid chafing the nipples. Its wide base helps to ensure it fits well across the shoulders, increasing comfort and performance.


A high-tech structure for perforated crochet elastic bibs, designed to adapt to the cyclist’s body and guarantee optimum ventilation. The bibs close in the back using a technical mesh. It is very smooth and breathable, assuring that sweat from the back evaporates quickly.

Strapdona / Click-clack

This polypropylene elastic strap structure has been ergonomically designed to guarantee that it adapts excellently to a woman’s body without restricting movement. It has a Click-Clack clasp closure, so it’s easier to go to the restroom without having to remove the jersey or jacket.


The back pocket flaps are positioned to improve access and help you keep all that you need within reach.

Occult Zipper

Here we’ve used a design which allows for two flaps that completely cover the zipper but don’t interfere with the jersey’s overall design.